Facebook Advertising

Buyer Segmentation +
Remarketing Magic!

Facebook Advertising Performs Great!

Your buyers are on Facebook. 

And their friends and family is on Facebook as well. 

That is why Facebook is a great advertising channel. Facebook offers segmentation of your audiences by age, gender, location, profession, literally 1000s of interests to pick audience from. Such micro segmentation and targeting of your audience makes advertising very cost effective and profitable for businesses.

The Challenge within Facebook Advertising

Let us accept at the very outset that unlike on Google or Amazon, the primary intent of Facebook users is not shopping. 

The primary intent of Facebook users is mutual engagement, appreciation or comparison within their own circle of friends within Facebook community. 

However, this very intent of checking out the latest is what turns the challenge into a golden opportunity! Suddenly, as an advertiser, you are able to show your ads to people whose interests are matching your product or service. 

Remarketing is Pure Magic!

What Is Remarketing?

When someone visits one of your website pages or clicks through from another site they may be interested in learning more about your products or services. Something magical happes at this point in time.  As per Facebook technology, your website can plant your cookie on the visitor’s computer or mobile phone. Next time they use Instagram, they can be shown your advertisements.

Did you get the twist in the plot here – Feeding the Subconscious of Target Customers with Your Brand Story.

Showing up of ads can also be done for visitors who may have added products to shopping cart on your e-commerce website, but not yet checked out. Unique special discounts can be shown to them so they come back and complete their checko

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