Google Ads

Buyer Intent is High
& Clear via Google

Google is the King of Advertising

Everyone goes to search for relevant information on Google. They express their intent via keywords typed on Google Search Engine. 

This is where the opportunity to advertise shows up. 

Why should you advertise on Google? 

Because it has a massive audience and they are willing to spend money in order to find what they want. You can reach them easily with Google ads, which will increase your conversion rate. If you have products or services that you sell online, there’s no better place than Google.

The Challenge within Google Ad Campaigns

The sheer amount of possibilities to structure an ad campaign is what makes advertising on Google a complex exercise. 

There’s a plethora of options for campaign managers to choose from –  keyword selection, ad copy writing,  placement by geography, time zone, publisher websites, physical positioning of advertisement on the page where it shows, showing (or not) of ads as per age, location, gender, device preference or time of the day, the list can go on and on!

Not just these options make Campaign Setup a challenge (or an interesting exercise), optimization of campaign requires tweaking each or many of these factors constantly with prudence, wisdom and data-driven analytics each week. Some of the updates to campaign may have to be done multiple times within the day as well.

The challenge for online retailers is diversification of focus that online advertising brings to the table.

Should you focus more on the product, business operations and customer service; or pick up the mammoth task of managing online ad campaigns?

Should you recruit your own staff to run advertising campaigns? What if they leave after a few months; how do you train the new staff on advertising policies of your business? 

To all these questions, the answer is simple and straight – tasking Sell More Online to manage your ad campaigns makes very good sense.

Remarketing is Pure Magic

The real magic of advertising happens when we are able to capture buyers showing high intent on Google and then show them the same advertisements when they are using Facebook!

Did you get the twist in the plot here – Cross Channel Advertising.

Your buyers are the same, whether they are on Google, or Youtube, or even casually visiting your own website.

Once they have expressed their interest as per keywords typed by them on Google, we can show your ads to them on Google. 

As soon as they click your ads and visit your website or landing page, Google allows you to place a Remarketing Cookie on their mobile, tablet or computer they have just used. 

Right after that visit, wherever they go on the web, your ad can be shown to them on the millions of Google’s own or partner websites . Showing up of ads can also be done for visitors who may have added products to shopping cart on your e-commerce website, but not yet checked out. 

Google also allows showing Remarketing Ads across their publishers network.

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