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Instagram Advertising Works Well

Advertising on Instagram works from within Facebook Ads management interface only.

Instagram differs from facebook in the form that the content formats within Instagram are limited to photos and short format videos, typically suitable for viewing by mobile devices.

The quintessential question – Why advertise on Instagram is answerd by the simple logic:

Just because buyers use Instagram, it makes perfect sense for businesses to advertise on Instagram as well.

Challenges of Advertising on Instagram

By the very nature of itself, Instagram advertising needs to be very sharp. For Instagram is all about swiping across the screen, viewing interesting pictures and videos. Furthermore, videos have to be no longer than 30-seconds in duration.

Since the attention span of Instagram users is very short, it is important to offer content that is quick and easy to consume.  

Besides quality of content, choosing the right audience is of great importance in Instagram Advertising. Instagram allows choosing audience by gender, age and location. Time slots can also be used to selectively display or not display your advertisements.

Remarketing Works with Instagram

What Is Remarketing?

When someone visits one of your website pages or clicks through from another site they may be interested in learning more about your products or services. Something magical happes at this point in time.  As per Facebook technology, your website can plant your cookie on the visitor’s computer or mobile phone. Next time they use Instagram, they can be shown your advertisements.

Did you get the twist in the plot here – Feeding the Subconscious of Target Customers with Your Brand Story.

Showing up of ads can also be done for visitors who may have added products to shopping cart on your e-commerce website, but not yet checked out. Unique special discounts can be shown to them so they come back and complete their checkout.

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